Ayendy Bonifacio

The Child’s Ether

“And poetry mother, where does poetry come from?”

Poems come from the ether, child.
They travel across timespace through a thingamajig called the “ether” to people who love being inspired.

“But how fast do poems travel, mother?”

They travel fast, my dear, faster than spaceships, faster than planetary orbits around stars. Through the ether, darling, they travel as fast as space itself.

“And why can’t I see them, mother? Why can’t I see poems traveling?”

You can, my dear! Poems travel everyday. There was poetry in the Big Bang, baby, and ever since then, there is poetry everywhere, in all places, inside you and me, in the sunrise and nightfall.

ayendyI am a PhD student in English literature at the Ohio State University now, and am the first college graduate in my family. I am a freelance poet and have had poems and book reviews published in various journals, including The Rocky Mountain Review.


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