Bertram Allan Mullin

X + Y = Z

Humans: Big Bags of Heat,

modest moisture consuming Earth,

Full of luminous­-like space dust

Virtue and dark anarchy,

some harmless, yet tortured

sedimentary joy; unhindered by what—

She rhetorically rises—we realistically spin,

evolve into worse slanders;

while sulfate igneous pollutes . . .

A bunch of made up sounds

with unique individual original

vulgarity: meretricious ornamentation!

Longing for carbohydrate—zeal form:

you: think, long, love = are + being

simple vague vapor, pouring consuming—

Against some pale hair;

fLESH, just surrounding red tEARS,

laughter and hatred for . . .

their cunning GOD and aggravation;

is this language even true?

Only human, taxonomic scheme

All from the

same freakin’


bamBAM writes novels and short stories mostly. He does poetry for fun, such as his piece “Evolution” with Antiphon Magazine. lists his publications. When BAM’s not writing, he’s teaching kids English in Japan.


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