Alejandra Núñez Fortoul

An ode to Gravity

Oh dear Gravity, may this appletini find your beautiful face and taint it
Assymetrically, purposedly all over your silky skin
May the green faux-sweetner confuse your axioms.
Drench all your hopes and dreams away.
Gravity, please, let the vodka travel slowly, intently, into her bright brown eyes.
Translate the astringence into physical consequences.
A temporary scar on lingering questions for gazing strangers.
Water your beauty down a day or two.
Liquidate all of our melodies, break the chords and stop the music.
Stop our names from rhyming.
Dilute your philter,
Quench this blazing inferno.

The Leonides and the constellations of words

Meet me in silence if you can,
And forget our November words
If a look could April me
The mouth waits
To be filled with language

Find me hidden amid the inutterable silences
between the rhythm of sighs
Coded and squeezed,
That’s how my
Invisible voice
Shines in our shared silences
Melted into the end of sound
A silence that creates and destroys realities.
Consider the white space
Between words on a page, not just
the margins around them.
Disarm the constellations
The space between stars,
The blank margin that frames words on a page,
Of sentences that flood the room
with too much light
too much darkness

The ever-fading light of words,
Don’t get distracted by
Shooting stars.
The empty promises of the Leonides
Inhaled images
obnoxiously infectious infatuations
Meaning sleeps,
[rest] on the edge
the empty spaces
To make a poem out of nothing,
out of loss,
I tuned the silence an octave higher
To make it reverb(e) with the stars,
Let’s pick out our favorite nameless stars
and create our own constellations.

Stories aren’t told only with words
But with silences
which we utter with our whole body

alejandraAlejandra Núñez-Fortoul is a Mexican psychoanalyst, writer and musician. She has been writing for numerous cultural magazines in Mexico City including Rolling Stone, El Fanzine and Frente and has been editor in chief in Ibero 90.9 FM and Los Hijos de la Malinche. 


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